Unique To Katzrin Village

Unique To Katzrin Village

We offer

A unique experience not be found anywhere else.

Past and present uniting together brings out amazing results.

We offer

A unique experience not be found anywhere else.

Past and present uniting together brings out amazing results.

Reliving History

A Living History Site

Katzrin Village is where ancient Jewish history comes to life. Friendly characters in Talmudic garb greet you along the street; the local musician may even accompany you in song. It’s a place where you live the culture of the time, by taking part in activities such as our traditional wheat harvest or by being hosted in an ancient home.

Not only does this living history site provide you with a taste of history and culture, but it’s an experience that engages the senses!

Light 'Em Up!

The Lantern Tour

When the sun has set and a soft breeze fills the air, velvety darkness spreads over the Land and the mystery of the night comes alive.

The Lantern Tour begins with a lantern in hand, as you are led through Katzrin Village and back in time. Scenes along the path include the ancient olive press, where a musician awaits to enhance your evening with soft, acoustic music.

Rock N' Roll

Music Tours at Katzrin Village

When looking for things to do in northern Israel, a music tour of the ancient Katzrin Village is a novel and uplifting experience! During the day, when the sun shines brightly, or in the evening time Lantern Tour, when darkness gently settles, immerse yourself in a beautiful, melodic experience at Katzrin Village.

A smiling musician plays their instrument of choice as they open with lively music that you can sing and dance to!

A Long History

Golani Whiskey

Whiskey is an ancient beverage, whose origin dates back more than 1,000 years. Irish and Scottish monks travelling Europe returned home, and lacking grapes and vineyards common on the main continent, settled on fermenting grains instead. The result was the first distillation of modern whiskey.

Wheat grows in family-sized plots here at Katzrin Village and you can partake in an authentic harvest in the springtime. This is a lovely activity to engage in, especially in coordination with the Golani Whiskey workshop.

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